Getting to go to a location that you love with a client is always amazing, but when that includes mountains and snow it becomes an utter pleasure.

I’ve visited the Brecon beacons in the past, mainly to photograph waterfalls and find locations to take clients. This trip came together with the goal for photography in the snow whilst bringing along a model (who happens to be my Siberian Husky ‘Sochi’) to get some apt snow shots.

I have known David for some time now, and he is an excellent photographer. Coming from the days of film and dark-room processing, he is very capable of capturing some wonderful images. What I enjoy about David’s photography is he likes to vary himself across many genres and styles.

In fact, this workshop was more about using my prior knowledge of locations and having a Siberian Husky to photograph. David takes excellent pet portraits and something that will no-doubt develop in the future to a commercial level.

David shoots with a Canon 60D with various lenses (typically a Canon 10-20mm and a 100-400mm). After coming out with me on a couple of night workshops, he is moving down the route of going full-frame with a Canon 6D. This trip gave him the opportunity to see the differences and try some of my lenses and Lee filters.

A ‘full-on’ day is how I would describe this workshop. Travelling from my premises, we headed up to Southern Brecons to Pontsticill Reservoir – somewhere which is quite beautiful and has a wonderful Bell-mouth spillway which gave great opportunity to use some Lee filters.

Once we were happy with the shots we headed up a mountain pass I enjoyed on a previous trip.  Upon arrival the snow was thick and the road was closed, we parked up and headed off on foot. Appropriately dressed, we found a brief blizzard which produced some lovely images before the weather settled and blue skies appeared. Sochi played in the snow providing opportunity to capture a husky in ‘his element’, and I even managed to get the obligatory snowman built much to David’s amusement.

After a quick coffee, we headed off to another mountain pass which has some remarkable views and some classic landscape shots.

Travelling North, the darkness (and stars) kicked in and after a rather large fish and chip meal, I added a stop off to a small Castle for some shots with the stars.

Driving back into the mountainous area of the Brecons we headed for another beautiful spot with a reservoir and wonderful spill-way. Surrounded by snow-capped hills and mountains, with twinkling stars we spent some time working various compositions which yielded some lovely images. Our final stop-off was a drive up another high mountain pass which required the use of my 4×4. The moon was shining beautifully on the thick snow and several shots were taken with David producing some excellent images.

Another coffee and it was time to carefully return home after a thoroughly enjoyable day working some great images and a happy, tired husky.

As usual, I really recommend following David’s work and you can find him on Flickr:

Flickr Link

If you’re interested in a workshop, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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