Macro Photography Workshops

Macro Photography, theres a massive world contained within a tiny area. Look, marvel and learn! 

Macro photography is a fascinating subject that reveals beauty in everyday life and objects that you miss every moment you eyes are open.

My Macro Photography workshops generally take place in either Hampshire (New Forest areas). However, any location which can be in the United Kingdom or Internationally can be catered for. Perhaps you have a area that you would love to capture in a miniature, unique way?

We’ll correspond before a course so I can ensure what we cover is applicable and tailored to you. Even in a group setting I will endeavour to help you at an individual level.

In most circumstances my kit will also be available for use to try both dedicated macro lenses and ‘extension tubes’ on regular lenses,  fitted to both Full Frame & ‘Crop sensor’ Cameras supplied by Canon as well as ring-flash.

We can include Focus Stacking or even Triggered photography using the amazing ‘TriggerTrap’.

half day

Typically up-to 4 hours, we’ll normally shoot in the light of the mid-day sun covering both wildlife and still life.

full day

Whilst un-usual, a full day of macro photography can take place on a variety of subjects and lighting scenarios. Often this will include for processing work which we will tailor to your individual needs.


  • Once booked, we will chat about locations and your individual needs. If this is part of a group-workshop then I will endeavour to ensure all your requirements are met inside the group environment.
  • Local workshops to Hampshire will incur to travel charges. Some national locations will incur travel costs. International workshops incur travel fees.
  • If accommodation is required, then I can assist in recommending various establishments.
  • Some local workshops, we will travel from my home-office and I can provide travel.

To book a workshop, CONTACT ME