Night Photography Workshops

Nightscape Photography, viewing the world in a completely surreal way, as the world sleeps you’ll find your vision comes alive seeing locations like you have never seen them before!

I have a passion for night photography. The world goes quiet,your senses are heightened and you’ll be amazed at the beauty that is hiding in the seemingly dark light!  The camera can often capture an amazing amount of detail from seemingly impossible situations.

My Night Photography workshops generally take place in either Hampshire (New Forest areas) or Dorset. However, any location which can be in the United Kingdom or Internationally can be catered for. Perhaps you have a landmark that you would love to capture in a unique way? Then a night photography workshop is for you!

We’ll correspond before a course so I can ensure what we cover is applicable and tailored to you. Even in a group setting I will endeavour to help you at an individual level.

In most circumstances my kit will also be available for use to try fast, low-light lenses,  on both Full Frame & ‘Crop sensor’ Cameras supplied by Canon. I also have full astro-tracking gear and astrophotography telescope available if this happens to be what you are interested in.

up-to 6 hours

We’ll aim for 6 hours, and will start at an appropriate time to allow us to setup and familiarise ourselves with the location. Of course this can be tailored to your needs if required.

all nighter

We’ll dress appropriately, fuel up on coffee (if you’re into that) and then shoot nightscapes so you have available an array of night shots.


Depending on the requirement and location, this may well be a wild-camp using minimal equipment, or using a local B&B / Hotel. These take place at various locations. Weekend workshops inevitably include landscape work. We’ll chat and possibly undertake some editing also.

  • Once booked, we will chat about locations and your individual needs. If this is part of a group-workshop then I will endeavour to ensure all your requirements are met inside the group environment.
  • Local workshops to Hampshire will incur to travel charges. Some national locations will incur travel costs. International workshops incur travel fees.
  • If accommodation is required, then I can assist in recommending various establishments.
  • Some local workshops, we will travel from my home-office and I can provide travel.

To book a workshop, CONTACT ME