Photography Editing Workshops

The craft of developing your own photo, instead of the programmatic defaults that your camera offers… that’s a skill worth learning.

Ever heard the term ‘I do it all in camera’? It’s often said, by lovely people who are ignorant of the fact they are letting the software on their camera determine the image they are trying to capture. Editing a photo using something like Adobe Lightroom (and Adobe photoshop) is all about you investing time into the raw capture of you image and ensuring it represents how you envisaged the shot. Whilst modern day cameras are outstandingly clever, the human eye, the human emotion, the human ‘soul’ understand beauty, and its the the crafting of the image during editing that we’ll spend time developing.

My editing Photography workshops generally take place in at my home-office. However, any location which can be in the United Kingdom or Internationally can be catered for especially when weekend workshops are organised.

We’ll correspond before a course so I can ensure what we cover is applicable and tailored to you. Even in a group setting I will endeavour to help you at an individual level.

I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop on a MacBook Pro as well as an Mac Mini. If you have equipment, we can use that too!


Covering around 2-3 hours including coffee, we will work through a few selected images highlighting various techniques and ideas, as well as watermarking your images.


With a supply of coffee and tea, we’ll go through various techniques to develop your images (often shot on one of my other workshops), through to preparing them for print or press/social media. We’ll look at keywording and meta data and ensuring your images are ready to do whatever you want them to achieve.


  • Once booked, we will chat about if at my home-office or on location/your premises and along with your individual needs. If this is part of a group-workshop then I will endeavour to ensure all your requirements are met inside the group environment.
  • Local workshops to Hampshire will incur to travel charges. Some national locations will incur travel costs. International workshops incur travel fees.
  • If accommodation is required, then I can assist in recommending various establishments.

To book a workshop, CONTACT ME