Use my gear

Whats this all about?

Well, during the last several months I came across a lot of people who perhaps didn’t have the right ‘gear’ to capture an image in the way they hoped for. This then led them to look at possible future purchases.  Some didn’t even have camera equipment other than a smartphone or a dated compact digital camera, yet had a passion to take photos they could ‘see’ wishing themselves.

Because of this, if the requirements are there, then I allow my equipment to be used under supervision during one of my booked workshops.

Typically, I will provide you with a memory card which you will use in my camera(s) and then subsequently take home with you (costs incurred) where you can use and develop the images we shoot during the workshop.

I shoot with a Sony A7iii. I have shot with a Canon 6D (Full Frame) and Canon 7D mk ii (crop-sensor), along with Canon and Samyang lenses plus Lee Filters.

Note: Whilst I shoot with Sony, I can help with Nikon, Fuji, Canon etc..